Do you smell like Butt? Ketosis: The Dark Side of Low Carb dieting.

What is Ketosis? In simplest terms, ketosis is the state you are in when your body is burning fat for energy. People on low carbohydrates diets want to be in ketosis;  when they’re in Ketosis they know the diet is working. The problem is, being in Ketosis has one serious consequence. Stinky Breath…and I mean S-T-I-N-K-Y. The following is my top ten lists for knowing when you are in ketosis:

  1. If your mouth smells  like a skunk has built a nest in your mouth using your favorite pair of underwear. You are probably in ketosis.
  2. If your kid gets in your car and complains that you have left rotten food under the seat, and you haven’t. You are probably in ketosis.
  3. If your co-workers ask you if you farted, and you say “yes” because you’re too embarrassed to tell them it is your breath. You are probably in Ketosis.
  4. If you make babies cry. You are probably in Ketosis.
  5. If your wise guy partner at work puts up a sign that says, You Stink. You are probably in Ketosis.
  6. If your wife tells you she has a headache and all you asked for is a kiss. You are probably in ketosis.
  7. If a cop pulls you over and suspects you have been drinking and doesn’t ask to smell your breath. You are probably in ketosis.
  8. If your hygienist puts on more than one mask. You are probably in ketosis.
  9. If a kid named stinky feet Pete tells you that you smell like ass. You are probably in ketosis.
  10. If all your friends refuse to have face-to-face conversations with you, and the only ones you have left are on the Atkins forum. You are probably in ketosis.

Ketosis is serious business, to learn more check out this article on at

What’s your experience with ketosis?

Terry Elkins (whyguy)

13 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mikey
    Mar 20, 2009 @ 17:02:54

    Maybe if you sit in the smoking section of a restaurant the smokers will understand how us non smokers fill about stinky smells!! LOL


    • whyguy
      Mar 20, 2009 @ 17:09:50

      What smoking section, you non smokers have banned us all to the outdoors. Now we sit in huddled masses trying to get warm, but not to close. You’re right….We Stink. LOL


  2. Jacq
    Mar 20, 2009 @ 15:59:13

    I think if the Atkins R & D department was smart, they would market their own brand of breath freshener! It would probably be even more popular than the bars & shakes.


    • whyguy
      Mar 20, 2009 @ 16:05:26

      You ain’t kidding, I’d buy a ton of it. My family would probably buy a ton of it too just to give me on birthdays and holidays. LOL


  3. Baylor
    Mar 19, 2009 @ 14:47:37

    This was good! I am a listerine addict for this very reason. I am so worried about it constantly!!


    • whyguy
      Mar 19, 2009 @ 16:00:35

      Man oh man, I know what you mean. I’m sometimes afraid to talk to people close up. If it weren’t’ for Listerine strips I’d probably be banned from the barber shop, the massage parlor, and from kissing my wife and children.


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