Shall We Dance

Every morning the universe has woken me from my slumber and has asked me to dance.  “Yes,” I would reply, “I love to dance, but only if I can lead.”  The universe gave me what I wished.  We danced every day, but I felt awkward on the floor of life.  We stumbled together, with me complaining about how bad the universe was at this.  It provided no music that I could hear and kept stepping on my toes.  It was as if the universe had never danced before.

Then one night while I lay dreaming, an angel appeared before me.  Speaking with the sweet voice of a summer breeze, the radiant light of love revealed a secret to me.  “God loves you, and will provide all that you ask, if only you let go of your fear and believe.”

The next morning, as I prepared for my daily dance, I remembered the angel’s words; I dropped to my knees, looked into the face of God and cried out.  “I can’t dance like this anymore—will you lead?”

God whispered into my ear, “your wish is my command little one—Shall we dance?”

I wept as God gracefully moved me around the floor of life—it was so beautiful, and as I let go of my fears, I heard the music for the first time—the song, release the magic in you by the group Infinite Possibilities.  We danced and danced, never stumbling, never tiring, and ever so gently moving through the days of my life, picking up my hearts desires along the way.

The universe has become my dance floor with God as my partner.  I now feel peace, joy, and hope again.  I let go of my fears and limiting beliefs, and now dance the waltz of life as it was meant to be—with God in the lead.

May you all hear your song, and dance your dance—and when God whispers in your ear, “Shall We Dance,” let go of your fears and believe.

Terry A. Elkins (whyguy)