Why Do Stalls Happen: Part 1: Opening Comments

Has your weight loss stalled, peaked, and puttered out? Have you reached a point in your diet where the scale just won’t budge no matter how hard you try, even though you know you are doing everything right? If you’re anything like me, you’re probably so frustrated you’re ready to chuck your diet and scale out the window—I almost did. But if I would have given up, and not taken the time to learn why these things happened, I never would have broken my 8-month stall, and gone on to nearly reach my goal of losing 100 lbs. As of this writing, I’ve lost 94 lbs.

This blog post is a culmination of my journey to figure out why stalls happen, and what can be done to get the weight loss moving again. I had originally posted this information on the Atkins forum on a thread titled, Why do Stalls Happen: What I’ve learned. The thread became very popular, but it also became very long, and was soon embedded with so many comments that the post grew to over 240 pages. It wasn’t long before I got numerous requests from people to condense this information into one easy to understand post without comments. The original thread got so discombobulated that only the very brave, and perhaps foolish, took the time to sift through the post to get to the heart of the information. Thus, because of the requests I’ve had, I’ve decided to posts this thread on my blog, but not in its entirety. Therefore, if something seems missing in my blog post—it is, I left out the comments. Consequently, some of the information might seem out of place, and repeated often. In editing this, I did my best to keep the flavor of the thread without changing it much. But it is my hopes that you will find this information readable, and as useful as the many others who have used these techniques to break their stalls have—including myself.

While reading this I hope that you will take into consideration the nature of this writing. It was not meant to be an academic paper on why stalls happen, or even, a how to article that you might find in numerous books or pages on the web. Instead, this was a post born out of the quest for knowledge, and shared from my heart with friends. I wrote it in a relaxed style, as if I were having a private conversation with friends. So, what you will find in reading this is that I didn’t give much thought to the etiquette’s of writing, grammar, style, or references to sources. And while I, in no way, shape, or form plagiarized my words, and tried to mention sources where it was appropriate, I may have inadvertently not given credit for some source material. This was never my intention, but after reading and gathering notes from tons of sources it became hard to separate others words from my own. In fact, most of what’s written was just me thinking aloud and referring to the few notes I bothered to take down. It is my hopes that I am forgiven for this error in judgment.

I will be breaking this very long thread into several posts, with each post building on the previous post’s knowledge. I do so, in hopes that those who don’t need certain information can click on the links that pertain to them, and skip the information they don’t need. I also do this because being such a long post, it can be a long read in one sitting, and I thought it would be easier on the reader to read in bits and pieces. So please look for the other post in this series on Why do Stalls Happen? I apologize for the inconvenience.

Continued in Chapter 2: Introductions: Plateaus Defined and the Truth about Ketosis


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  1. Anonymous
    Dec 08, 2010 @ 02:51:08

    Great information. I look forward to the rest.


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