Why Do Stalls Happen: The Rest of the Story

I’ve been getting many request to please finish this series on Why Do Stalls Happen,  so what I’ve decided to do is send anybody a copy of this entire paper with the rest of the chapters included. As of this time I won’t be posting the rest of the paper on this blog.  In fact, I won’t be posting on this blog much longer, I’ve decided to start a new blog in the near future, and am spending some time getting that ready.  I’ll give you updates on my progress on how the new blog is coming along soon.

In the mean time, feel free to contact me at whyguys@comcast.net and get your copy of the rest of the paper on Why Stalls Happen. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Your friend, Terry (Whyguy)



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  1. Janet
    Dec 02, 2012 @ 22:56:26

    Thank you for taking the time to do this research. I read “Why We Get Fat” 6 weeks ago and imm. gave up all grains and sugars… actually sailed through even the difficult 5 – 6 day stage.. was so ready to finally loose this weight- and except for the 6 pound carb water weight, I have lost nothing… I eat very little carbs.- maybe 12-15 a day… in some nuts or hard cheese… and have no carb cravings at all- and, amazingly I am not hungry for much of anything at all anymore.. and don’t even eat that much protein- I am generally tired.. sometimes extremely so- and have to take two naps… that is not often, but it has happened. I increased my fats – as I have wondered about doing an Atkins fat fast.. I do not yet do that much exercise- as I keep waiting for that amazing time of high energy when you WANT to exercise– that Gary Taubes seems to think will happen….. he reports research that actually suggests exercise can interfere with fat loss- that is until you are at that point when your body is wanting it. ANYHOO… I would love the rest of your article.. I know my set points are very strong.. THANK YOU! – JNF


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