Experiment Your Way to Thin: Turnips instead of potatoes.

Are you missing your French fries or mashed potatoes?  Here are some good substitutes that I absolutely love.  I do suggest that when making any of these recipes you count the net carbs in all the ingredients you use.  This way you will know exactly the net carbs of what you are eating.

You can experiment with any of these recipes, taking out what you don’t like, or adding your own seasoning.  Enjoy ! More


Fat, Bloated and Ugly: Maybe Not

I read a story about a woman, on the Atkins forum, whose weight loss was slow.  This woman mistakenly believed nothing was changing about her body.  However, when she tried on a dress that recently didn’t fit, she discovered that even though she hadn’t lost weight she had lost inches, and the dress fit beautifully.  This got me thinking of how we sometimes mistakenly believe one thing about ourselves when in reality who we are and what we look like is much different. More

Atkins: 100 Tips to Success

This is a list I put together with help from my friends on the Atkins forum. It’s a great list, but not to meant to be all inclusive.  There are also several repeats on this list, but I prefer to think of them as re-enforcers.  🙂 More

Do you smell like Butt? Ketosis: The Dark Side of Low Carb dieting.

What is Ketosis? In simplest terms, ketosis is the state you are in when your body is burning fat for energy. People on low carbohydrates diets want to be in ketosis;  when they’re in Ketosis they know the diet is working. The problem is, being in Ketosis has one serious consequence. Stinky Breath…and I mean S-T-I-N-K-Y. The following is my top ten lists for knowing when you are in ketosis: More